Out of the Rough

Published in Out of the Rough, 7/9/2016

out-of-the-roughTammy Foster Foundation Golf Day The Northern Golf Club will host the annual Tammy Foster Golf Day on Friday the 16th of September with the proceeds being donated to people living with cancer. The Tammy Foster Foundation aims to alleviate some of the financial burden that comes with being diagnosed with cancer and over the past 3 years it has raised approximately $50,000. This money has been donated to 3 separate charities and different people struggling with the financial costs of suffering from cancer.

Northern’s very own Tammy Foster knows first hand the struggles of living with cancer and the financial costs that come with it after being diagnosed and beating the disease. Her and her late brother Jason’s battle with the disease inspired her  to create the Foundation and help those in need.

Tammy was diagnosed with cancer in 2011 just a month after her brother Jason was diagnosed with cancer. Her brother’s financial hardships in paying medical costs and subsequent passing inspired her to form the foundation and help those who couldn’t always help themselves. Tammy recounts that her brother Jason was forced to wait for 2 weeks for results after surgery and therapy and the health system failed those who couldn’t afford private health care. After losing Jason to the disease Tammy saw that “there was an area that needed help”, and sought to create the foundation and help people like her brother.

Currently the foundation donates up to $1500 dollars per person to the people diagnosed with cancer. They have helped up to five people in the last four-five months and aim to help up to ten more people in the next six months. The foundation gives cancer patients cash rather than pay directly for medical bills as according to Tammy “people suffering can chose to spend the money how they
wish”. This strategy is backed by the idea that those in advanced stages of cancer can help their loved ones or enjoy the time they have left with their family.

Tammy Foster represented Australia in international cricket and is one of  Northern’s most accomplished golfers and it is this drive to succeed and help those less fortunate than herself that has allowed the foundation to be the success that it is today.

You can donate to the Tammy Foster Foundation via the website at http://www.tff.net.au and bookings are still available for the golf day.